Into Vale’s CRAZY Life, Day 31- Last Day Of Slicing!

It was a great month, with 31 days of slicing, and here is my last story…

Mari, Fati Ama and me where on extra recess, and I wanted to learn faster the handstand. Mari and Fati told me to do it on a wall, but, I said NO. “In a wall? No thank you, it sounds scary, and its scary.” I said. “But, it’s the only way you can learn more easily.” Mari said. “Yes vale, you can do it.” Fati added. I was really scared, but then, I saw some packs of pads and I said that I would do it there, it was colorful, tall, and if I fall, I would’t get hurt. I putted my hands on the floor, and I said “Better not.” So I went back in my feet. “But Vale, if something, Fati and I would be here.” Mari said. “We will hold your legs if something. Fati said. “Okay then!” So this time, I actually putted my hands on the floor and did it. Mari and Fati helped me, and I got better. Remember, real friends would over be there for you, just like them. 🙂


So, I hope you had a great month of March! This CRAZY month, I had a lot of experiences, with my friends and family. And we have just have 10 hours left of this month. I hope you enjoyed!

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